Advanced technologies adopted by our professionals working under Aakruti Fabrication have helped us a lot to acquire leading position in metal and steel fabrication industries. In fact, with an exclusive combination of various latest yet advanced technologies complimented with well-experienced people of the business sector, we have succeeded to obtain benchmark in the intensely competitive industry.

Technological Scope

Our portfolio will display countless sectors or services areas, where we have utilized advanced fabrication technologies prevailing in the world. Few of them are

Laser Cutting Technologies or CNC Jobs

Sophisticated CNC programmed machines and laser cutting technologies available in our production units are able to cut various types of metals, such as mellow steel, stainless steel and similar others in varying thickness or size depending on prerequisites and application levels demanded by our clients.

Architectural Fabricated Products

Secondly, you will be able to view the implementation of sophisticated fabrication technology in various types of architectural fabricated items designed under the name as Aakruti Fabrication. Here you will find wide variety in the entire product catalogue, including automated gates, sliding and swing gates, cast iron rails and gates and roof installation for heavy industries.

Metal Steel Gates

Last, but not the least, one will be able to view the contribution of our technological skills in designing of metal steel gates. In fact, usage of top quality materials combined with latest technology has lead metallic steel gates to find wide yet valuable applications in large numbers of residential and industrial sectors.